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Tips to draw attention at your outdoor event

The new year has just started and companies are making new plans to organize outdoor events in the spring. But how do you get started and what material do you choose for your outdoor event? And how do you make sure you will leave your unique mark with nice promotional material? We will guide you through our offer and our way of working so that your sports event, festival or product launch will be an unforgettable success.

Event materialMake your event stand out

Why would you want to invest in promotional material at your trade fair, event, festival, sampling or product launch? The answer is simple. Banners and flags create not only an atmosphere and they are not only an original decoration for your outdoor event. They also ensure that you leave an original impression and that your brand is put in the spotlight.

Promotional material ensures that your brand becomes known to a wider audience and attracts the attention in a playful way. At Krekels, we invest in user-friendly and high quality products that apply the finishing touches to your event. Only the best is enough. Depending on the type of outdoor event, we look for a tailor-made solution to make you shine.

Promotional material for each type of event

How can you use our material for different types of events?

pneumatic-opblaasboog-arch-finishboog-spelersboog-tour-fiets-wielerwedstrijdflexwall podiumwandbanner chocosupportersvlag 1. Outdoor sports events

Are you organizing a running event, a soccer or basketball tournament or any other outdoor event that suits your sports club? Our team at Krekels will take care of the right promotional material. We have logowalls, beach flags, (popup)banners and arches on which you can have the logo, slogan and images of your club printed. However, we can do more than that. In our range you will also find stages with accompanying back walls, tents and crowd barriers for bigger events. We can also provide supporters flags and banners with your logo for the fans. This way, your outdoor sports event will also be an opportunity for smart marketing and branding.

stertent strandstoelzitkubus hondafestival materiaalfestival tent
2. Festivals

Do you want to create a wonderful atmosphere for your festival and make it enjoyable next to the performances? This is possible wit our event flags, beach chairs and seat cubes. In no time, you can turn your festival into an environment where everyone can relax and chill. In addition, you create immediately the right atmosphere.

stoepbord Sandwichborden Windmaster Pavement sign stoep bordsampling counter tafel basicsamplingpromopakket
3. Samplings and product launches

Are you planning an outdoor product sampling or launch soon? In that case, we recommend a combination of event flags, counters and banner frames. The flags and banners show your brand, but you can also display the strengths of your organization and/or products on them. The counters create the opportunity to easily network in a cozy atmosphere.

Are you organizing a bigger event? In that case, you do not have to order all the counters, flags and foldable tents separately. You can also order them via the promo packages of Krekels. Based on your wishes and our advice, we will put together such a package for your outdoor event.

eventmateriaal oostendeaankomstboog

Case: Sportdienst Oostende

• Question: The sports department was looking for sustainable equipment and more visibility at their local sports events.

• Krekels solution: Package with event equipment including an arrival arch, foldable tent and beach flags.


Why choose Krekels for your outdoor event?

Are you organizing an outdoor event soon? At Krekels, we will proceed in the following way. Over the past 20 years we have not only gained a lot of experience, but also a lot of know-how to ensure that your message and brand are made as visible as possible at outdoor events. Thanks to our own printing installations we can provide a personal touch, giving you the opportunity to leave  your own mark on promotional material. Whether it is about creating an overwhelming impression  at a large outdoor event or at a small initiative, we have everything we need to make  your event a success and to give it an innovative touch.

Feel free to visit our showroom to take a look at out products or to place your order on our website. Thanks to our large stock, we guarantee a fast delivery time. In addition, we ensure a high level of involvement throughout the entire process: from advice on the right promotional material for the target group, terrain and your wishes to transport and installation by our placement service.


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