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Tips for maintaining and cleaning your partytent

Cleaning and maintaining your folding tent is not difficult! To keep your party tent in optimum condition you should consider the following tips and tricks.

1. How do I clean my tent?
Dirt on the cover of the tent is best cleaned with warm water and soap solution.
Do not treat or scrub with a corrosive product because you have a chance to damage the coating.
Before starting we recommend to test first on an small part of the tent. So you can assess whether any discoloration occurs.
For stubborn stains, you can always purchase our tent cleaner. You don’t have to scrub, so you avoid damaging the coating.

2. How do I store my tent?
Mold on the tent is usually caused by storing the tent  after rainy weather. Always try to hang open tent cloth for at least 24 hours in a dry cool place.
Once you’ve used the tent a whole summer season please tighten the screws.

3. How do I transport my tent?
If the tent is transported lying in your car, it is important to remove the cover from the frame. Otherwise during transport friction between the canvas and the frame can occur and cause small cracks.
Also make sure that no weight is on the tent.
If you can transport  the tent standing up , you can keep the cover on the frame. Do not forget to attach the tent straps.

4. Can I fix my tent myself?
Damage to the roof?
At our online shop you can order a tear-aid kit to repair small holes. (Up to 10cm)

Damage to the frame?
Please provide us with detail photos by email and we will send the parts.
Would you like us to fix  the tent? Then you bring in the tent and after inventory you can confirm the quote for repair by our care.

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