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Printed Cube seat Starting at 94 euro
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Fun, quirky and very striking. That’s our cube seat. The increasing demand for this product is probably down to its strong visibility. Cube seats can serve in a nice lounge corner or stacked in all kinds of ways as striking eye-catchers for fairs or showrooms. Their wipeable fabric can be replaced.
● polystyrene cube with printed cover
● available in two sizes (50x50x50 cm and 42x42x42 cm)
● very lightweight
● for indoor use
● replaceable and wipeable cover


Sizes & Frames

  • Cube seat

    1. KUBUS 50cm
    Totaal gewicht: 2,5 kg

    2. KUBUS 42cm
    Totaal gewicht: 2 kg

    - Doek: polyester, 225g/m2, brandvertragend

    - Materiaal: polystyreen




    • 100% polyester, waterproof, UV protected, fire retardant


    • polystyreen cube cut to size


    • The printing and confection is done completely in-house. It is possible to fully print all sides. For the bottom and top you usually choose one color

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