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Ordering procedure

How do we work?

1. Contact through sales department

If you would like some info or place an order, you can always contact our sales department at +32 (0) 9 33 77 150 or info@krekels.net Our sales representatives are happy to assist you with expert advice.

2. Visit to the showroom

You can also visit our showroom where all our products are displayed.

3. Detailed price quote

The sales manager will send you a clear quotation that is officially ordered after confirmation.

4. Graphic support for the design

Once you have received a quotation, our graphics department can make a design. You choose the material, the colors, the (house) style that will make your brand come true. Through an on-line approval system, you can forward your comments and wishes to finally approve the design for production.

5. Production

After approval of artwork, everything goes into production. Printing and confection is done in-house, this way we can check everything from a to z to ensure maximum quality.

6. Demo of final product

When picking up the product you can ask for a demostration of the product you purchased.

7. Aftersales

In case of defects, Krekels has all spare parts on stock and can guarantee a fast repair.

Krekels Belgium

Krekels - BVBA KB Stokkelaar 3
B-9160 Lokeren
Tel.: +32 (0)9 33 77 150
Reknr : 401-2547711-24
BTW : 0469.567.892


Krekels Netherlands

Krekels B.V. Bredaseweg 237
4705 RN Roosendaal
Tel.: +32 (0)9 33 77 150
BTW : NL.8513.15.628.B.02
KVK 544 64285


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