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New corporate identity

A company like Krekels, that measures the pulse of the promotional world on a daily basis must also innovate in the area of logo and corporate idenity. A good logo contributes in a compelling way the DNA of a company. It shows at a glance what the core characteristics of that company are. The logo had to have a modern, sleek and attractive look that appeals to people right away, like the products themselves. The speech balloon with the exclamation point is a powerful symbol of what Krekels does for you: to ensure that no one can miss your message!

The slogan “The Art to Attract People ‘excites people, and responds on a deep drive that keeps moving individuals and enterprises: to be found attractive.


For those who want it concise and clear: the logo in six bullet points

  • modern feel
  • uniform look
  • corporate but still remarkable
  • portraying the mission “the art to attract people”
  • possibility of good combination with the visualization of the product range
  • representation of Krekels as a modern and innovative company.


Krekels Belgium

Krekels - BVBA KB Stokkelaar 3
B-9160 Lokeren
Tel.: +32 (0)9 33 77 150
Reknr : 401-2547711-24
BTW : 0469.567.892


Krekels Netherlands

Krekels B.V. Bredaseweg 237
4705 RN Roosendaal
Tel.: +32 (0)9 33 77 150
BTW : NL.8513.15.628.B.02
KVK 544 64285


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