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Krekels launches the best flag in Belgium!

10 reasons why you should opt for Belgium’s best flag!

6 years of intense development and investment in state-of-the-art machines have resulted in the creation of the best flag in Belgium. Be the first to learn which 10 features are at the basis of this unique product that is at the top of its class. Our new drop flag is unmatched in price, quality and look.
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drop flag

 1. Intense colors and bleed through

With our brand new sublimation printer of the latest technology, you’ll be assured of a drop flag having a beautiful color intensity and perfect color penetration.

2. High quality fabric

We use strong, durable, closely woven fabric that reduces transparency to a minimum and results in a high level of color intensity. When compared to other fabric used for producing flags, you will be amazed by the difference in quality.

3. Flexible fiber pole

Our fiber optic pole is flexible, causing it to always spring back to its original shape, while an aluminum pole will irreversibly bend when exposed to strong wind. The high resilience of our fiber ensures good tension of the fabric and results in a beautifully taut flag. The pole’s components are equipped with additional chromed and reinforced connectors. The poles can very easily be assembled and disassembled at any time.

4. Durable flag support

The connecting part that we have developed especially for this drop flag is brilliant in its simplicity:
● Stainless aluminum tube equipped with sliding bearings.
● Can be manually removed from the support.
● Sturdy grip around the pole.
● Durable.
● Cost-conscious.
A combination of features that every developer is dreaming of. This product is unmatched in the field of beach flags.

5. Your brand is always visible

Due to the beautiful tension of the fabric, the optimum surface of the canvas is always visible. Even with strong winds or when there is no wind at all. Visibility is always guaranteed and that’s what it’s all about.
beachwing druppelvlag flag drop

6. Unbreakable and stackable rubber base
rubbervoet beachwing dropflag

We are the only flag manufacturer in Belgium offering rubber bases. They don’t break, nor do they wear, which is why you will never need to replace them. Our rubber bases consist entirely of recycled material, are perfectly UV resistant and do not crumble off like concrete bases do. They are equipped with a hand grip and, thanks to their soft outer shell, there is no risk of damaging surfaces. The flag support can easily be removed, making the bases stackable. Very convenient for transportation when you are using various flags at an event.

7. Polebelt (cordura)

Each drop flag has a solid pole belt. You can choose between white or black, or you can even request to print a pole belt in your pantone color.

8. Long durability

Both the resilient fiber pole and the taut fabric last longer than a regular drop flag. The flag support and rubber base are also ‘for life’. Buy the hardware once and enjoy your high-quality product for a very long time. We are so convinced of the quality of our hardware that we provide a 2-year warranty on the base, the pole and the rotator. (When using the flag correctly.)

9. Competitive prices and fast delivery

The high volumes and large stock allow us to offer the hardware at competitive prices. Modern machines and camera controlled cutting tables provide high capacity and highly automated production. In short, the way we are organized allows us to produce quickly and competitively. We hope that many customers will benefit from that.

10. Drop flag made in Belgium

The best flag of Belgium is fully printed and sewn in Belgium. A drop flag 100% made in Belgium.

dropflag eventvlag beachvlag promovlag reclamevlag drop druppel vlag flag vlaggendropvlaggendropflag beachvlag eventvlag volvo
Would you like to see and feel the flag?
We kindly invite you to our showroom, where we will give you a demonstration of Belgium’s best flag.

   Order your Dropflag

Take a look at our range of different event flags

square eventvlag

Event flag square

event vlag straight

Event flag straight

Vlaggen mastvlaggen reclamevlaggen

Standard flags

Would you like to design your own drop flag? Here are some practical tips:

dropflag druppel
A circular logo fits perfectly in the upper part of the flag.
A longer tag line or the internet address of a website are ideally positioned along the right side, parallel to the edge of the flag.
● Choose a font size that is large enough but keep the safe zone in mind.
● Logos that are quite long should be positioned diagonally covering the entire flag.
● Don’t try to include too much content. Your flag may become too busy. One logo and one tagline are more than enough.
● Use vibrant colors.
Our graphic design department guarantees a great design for your flag.

beachvlag druppel drop


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