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Development custom made products in-house

showroom Ontwikkeling custom made producten in-houseAre you looking for a solution tailored to your brand promotion? With the development of our in-house department Krekels can take care of your custom project.

Krekels has its own development department that ensures that your custom made project is brought to a successful end. It starts with a visit to our showroom where your project will be discussed. In conjunction with our production manager, we ask for you to create a prototype. Our graphic designers ensure that your brand is perfectly reflected on the selected medium.

During the production your project goes through the following divisions:

  1. Printing : With our large format printers, we can (almost) print on every medium
  2. Cutting machine: The fabric is automatically cut by our CNC cutting machine
  3. Confection : The fabric is stitched and reinforced. Optional finishing is possible according to your wishes
  4. Sawing department : Here, the hardware structure is developed completely customized and cut
Some examples of custom projects:

Red cross Flanders

Product: custom made textileframe
Printing: sublimation printing on stretch fabric
Use: As a privacy screen with blood donation

custom made rode kruis

Players tunnel Red devils

Product: custom made entrance tunnel
Printing: sublimation printing on tent fabric
Use: As entrance tunnel for players

spelerstunnel ingangstunnel custom made inhouse sporting lokeren krekels
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